Turbulent Energy, LLC “Turbulent” is a technology company with a broad range of intellectual property and patent portfolio specifically targeted for the mixing, separation and the homogenization of liquids with liquids, liquids with gasses and gasses with gasses. Turbulent’s technology is a completely novel mixing technology that operates with no moving parts and can uniquely mix immiscible materials inexpensively to create unique products (blends, emulsions) that have much better performance characteristics (e.g. in hybrid fuels, energy yields, emissions reductions and lower systems costs). The devices have no moving parts and all mixing is accomplished dynamically using a unique internal geometry. They require no additional chemicals or emulsifiers and the desired action is accomplished in fractions of a second.

Turbulent’s technology portfolio is also unique in that it contains devices, which have been proven effective with both liquids and gases. In some areas of the world and some applications the use of liquid fuels (ethanol, methanol, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.) are the predominate fuel source but in other geographies and applications gaseous fuels (e.g. natural gas) are required. Turbulent’s technology is not limited to any given fuel type and in fact the combination of fuels can provide the optimal solution to today’s energy challenges which speaks to the value and potential of Turbulent.