Furnace Testing of the Turbulent FAD

One of the unique advantages of the Turbulent technology is how the same device can be used in completely different applications. The same FAD prototype used at Roush was also used in furnace testing at Honeywell’s research center to test furnaces. Furnace testing was done with a mix of pre-heated #5 diesel, water and air. Below the device can be seen fitted to the standard input of the furnace burner. No modifications were made to the furnace other than the attachment of the FAD.


Below are photos of the combustion flame of the furnace burner with the standard burner and the burner fed equivalent amounts of AD emulsified fuel mix using #5 HFO mixed with air and 15% water by weight.

diesel4 Standard Burner with fuel and air

Turbulent FAD with fuels, air and 15% water

The following table summarizes the results of this testing. It was conducted in a standard 1 mm/btu/hr (equivalent to 7.5GPH) high efficiency furnace. It indicates a 55 degree temperature rise between the input and output air with the FAD along with a 40% reduction in NOx emissions.