Turbulent Energy

  • Instantly creates stable nano-emulsions of immiscible liquids
  • Releases more energy from hydrocarbons with complete combustion
  • Dramatically reduces harmful emissions
  • No moving parts and easy retrofitting into existing systems
  • No chemicals, additives or surfactants
  • Dramatic potential in reduction of total energy costs

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High-Speed Vortices

Turbulent’s results have been confirmed in independent testing both with a modern automotive diesel engine and with standard burner technologies which would be found in today’s furnaces, boilers and turbines.

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Turbulent Technology

One of the unique advantages of the Turbulent technology is how the same device can be used in completely different applications. The same FAD prototype used at Roush was also used in furnace testing at Honeywell’s research center to test furnaces.

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There is growing awareness and concern regarding the world’s fossil fuel energy reserves, the access to these fuel sources and the environmental effects associated with these fuels. As a result, significant investments and developments are being made…

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Turbulent Energy, LLC “Turbulent” is a technology company with a broad range of intellectual property and patent portfolio specifically targeted for the mixing, separation and the homogenization of liquids with liquids, liquids with gasses and gasses with gasses…

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The technology is based on the work of its Chief Technical Officer, David Livshits, PhD. Dr. Livshits was granted more than 200 inventions in the Soviet Union prior to 1990 and since has had more than 75 patent applications and over 25 granted in various countries. He was born and in the former…

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